Tiger Lily

Welcomes you to a wonderful world of psychotherapy

What could be more fulfilling than a job you absolutely love and that doesn’t feel like work? People who know their gifts and have found a way to make a living from them are living their true purpose. Psychotherapy training is a beautiful opportunity to mine the treasures of your soul and find meaningful ways to transform them into a unique and individual style of your own.

Imagine working independently or within a team dedicated to helping people feel better through psychotherapy. Belonging to a profession based on ethics, integrity and respect provides a sense of direction that can lead you towards a lifetime of self-development as you help other people along the way. Becoming a psychotherapist is not without its challenges. You’ll undoubtedly encounter some hurdles and be stretched in ways you may never have imagined. The training itself is designed to grow people so they can help others grow.

Tiger Lily’s philosophy is rooted in personal growth. It’s all about the way in which your development happens. Some people are like a lotus flower that can grow out of adverse circumstances and still blossom magnificently. The tiger lily is considered to be a symbol of pride and prosperity. It is about showing off your talents and being proud of who you are.

You might be thinking about a change of job or a new career direction and be looking for something more satisfying.


Psychotherapy training at Tiger Lily is part time and spread over four years. Each year is comprised of 10 monthly training events that take place on a Saturday and Sunday at a local venue, where you’ll meet like minded people working towards becoming fully qualified psychotherapists. The weekends are designed to introduce you to the theory and models used in psychotherapy and familiarise you with using them.

Once you have successfully completed your training hours you can then prepare for certification, which requires you to write a dissertation and attend an oral exam. You will have access to individual support as you work towards your final exam. Upon completion of your exams you will be a Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist and be eligible for UKCP registration.

We won’t let you go without celebrating so we hold an event for successful CTA candidates, where you can come and share your experience with other trainees and show off your certificate with pride. To register your interest in training with Tiger Lily, send us an email to louise.witney@me.com

Warmly, Louise.