There's More to You

My latest project is all about transcending the limitations personality.  People often begin on their journey of self discovery hopeful they will become better, stronger, wiser, desirable, enlightened, free of pain, sorrow and failure. More. Someone else. 

We have to get messy, sit in discomfort, turn towards our most hidden truths, lean into that which was our experience growing up and then tread new ground, traverse new territories never before or long since travelled. 

In my recent work, I have invited clients to explore their archetypal patterns in an endeavour to make contact with lost aspects of themselves. I have developed a particular way of facilitating this therapeutic work that involves the client in exploring their dreams, unconscious processes, the language they use and behaviours, thoughts and feelings they tend towards on a regular basis. 

Clients begin to experience a more comprehensive sense of self as the discoveries we make inform the process of ongoing personal growth. 

Feel free to contact me to find out more or book a session.

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